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Education is the most simple word to be used in the existence in this era. There is no need of intellectuals to make it understand, there is only the basic need of the comman people to understand, what education is? The people of Lohardaga have extended their cooperative and friendly hands to the organisation named DAV. DAV is not  a word or a brand being the largest non-government educational organisation in India, it is movement for better life, movement for better understanding and movement for the betterment of common people. Lohardaga being one of  the smallest districts of jharkhand, has its own identity in the field of bauxite mining, natural beauty, hill station weather and identity of the people of Jharkhand lining with its own culture. The simple existence of of DAV in this district is to create simple atmosphare for education. The nearest place Netarhat is chiefly known as the landmark of education with its natural excellence, so we strongly believe that MBDAV Lohardaga has its own potentiality to be known as excellent centre of education in the coming years. No doubt, the basic infrastructure requires per excellence but it is the fact that innocent students, cooperative gaurdians, effective education and beautiest coordination from the people of Lohardaga will make the path clear and complete. In this lap of nature, I hope,  this scholl will be smiling flower to greet you all to the warmth of heart and excellence of education. Lohardaga is a small town with the surroundings of villages from where the students comes to get the education with lot of expectations and  we assure the use hard earning money of their parents will never go in vain. Our team is dedicated, devoted and fully ready to face any challenges to offer the best..